Our Consulting Approach

Using a proactive approach, Site Solutions Consulting is excellent at solving construction project challenges. Our strategic construction management and consultant practices has established our reputation that is built on finding solutions and minimizing risks in site construction projects.

Our construction consulting services are designed to meet each client’s needs through the management and oversight of site work associated with construction projects. Our client focus and our delivered results are the most important elements for success. We assist our clients in overcoming complicated construction site situations and the risks associated with construction projects by utilizing practical knowledge and experience.

Where construction site work risks persist and the success of a construction project is at stake, our range of construction site consultant services ensures that every construction problem has a solution. Site Solutions Consulting offers services adaptable to any construction situation.

From the president

"Site Solutions Consulting is unique in our focus on construction sitework expertise, with the principles we specialize in, improve quality, cost, and schedule, throughout all stages of development."

Tim Myers, President