Al Neyer, LLC

Recent Projects

Turnpike Distribution Center – Beavercreek, Pennsylvania
400,000cubic yards of cut and fill operations, 100,000 cubic yards of rock blasting, 50,000 cubic yards undercut operations, and dewatering of slope fill areas.

Joy Cone – Hermitage, Pennsylvania
Construction Management of a 180,000sf warehouse. 210,000 cubic yards of cut and fill operations, 180,000 cubic yards of rock blasting, blasting of utility and foundation trenches.

Christ Hospital Medical Office Building – Cincinnati, Ohio
Construction Management of a four building campus and demolition and environmental management of a brownfield site.130,000 cubic yards of cut and fill operations, 35,000 cubic yards of undercut and re-compact operations, $1,000,000 retaining wall installation to hold building and parking areas including 25,000 cubic yards of undercut and re-compaction below the wall for global stability. Coordinated with another general contractor while the building of Children’s Hospital’s Medical Office Building occurred fifteen feet away. Auger cast pile coordination with site contractor.

Med Pace Medical Campus – Cincinnati, Ohio
Coordination of design of new utilities around existing utilities with the City of Cincinnati, including existing water trunk mains and 120” combined sewer and storm pipe, and gas and electric. 15,000 cubic yards of cut and fill operations, and drilled pier coordination.

Children’s Hospital/Vernon Manor – Cincinnati, Ohio
Construction management of an underground parking garage with a ten story 90,000sf office building. Coordination with the City of Cincinnati to re-route existing sanitary, water and storm lines out of the location of new building. Coordination among subcontractors and general contractors as three buildings were built simultaneously on campus. Undercut and export buried buildings on site and manage dirt balance. Project value of thirty five million.

U Square – Cincinnati, Ohio
Construction management of two parking garages and 40,000sf of retail and 30,000sf of multi family units.Site balance design and management, Relocation of existing utilities, undercut and re-compact of 85,000 cubic yards of material, coordination of pier installation and slab pour. Export of approximately 25,000 cubic yards of bad material and the back haul of crushed concrete material for sub base.

Litton Lane Warehouse – Hebron, Kentucky
Construction Manager for Site design and balance. Managing 350,000cubic yards of cut and fill operations, building two buildings totaling 798,000sf.

From the president

"Site Solutions Consulting is unique in our focus on construction sitework expertise, with the principles we specialize in, improve quality, cost, and schedule, throughout all stages of development."

Tim Myers, President